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October 2, 2011
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Sparky Boy by momijigirl Sparky Boy by momijigirl
This is a relatively new OC of mine, Sparky! I felt like making an upbeat playful spunky dude character.

Im still trying my hand at some 'boy bodies' lol! That sounds so weird... You know what I mean, practicing drawing guy bodies! That and different backgrounds. I hope it looks alright! I stayed up all night doing this. Its like 9:20 in the morning over here. I need to stop doing this weird sleep schedule of mine.

I decided that i'll put the 'critique' on my art, just because I like long comments and when people pick out the good and bad things and put in there own personal opinion. :D

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ToxicKuro Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist
He Looks So Happy, Wonder What He Did. . .
AniAli Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Soo catchy!
This is awesome. :3 Simply awesome.
You've got boy bods down crazy good. :)
Aw thanks a lot! :hug:
Welcome! :3
I can't draw boy bodies for crap.
They look so flat and not-attractive when I draw them. xD
Haha I used to only draw chicks and then I decided to draw guys (cuz i wanted to draw some shmexy dudes haha) and when I first drew one it looked so muffed up! Like some weird alien with skinny little legs and a triangle body haha just looked so goofy. But i kept at it and now they look human! haha!

oh and btw I love your profile pic on your page. Your hair is so awesome!:heart:
I mostly draw girls, or guys heads and shoulders. They look so ridiculous when I draw them! No shmexy dudes for me. :( Haha I will keep practicing though. Your guys most definitely look human. Human and shmexy. :3

Thank you~! I love dying my hair. Makes me feel... colorful. :)

btw, I LOVE your style of art! xD So beautiful!
Aww haha, but yeah, keep practicing them! I bet you'll get the hang of it!

And awesome! Have you ever dyed it neon pink before? It'd look awesome on you! but if you dont like neon pink then never mind! haha

And thanks a lot! Im happy you like my stufferz haha and thanks a lot for the other comments and watching meee! *HUG*
I shall keep practicing! No matter what! lol Mostly, my difficulty is not having anything to practice. Like, having a specific dude to actually draw, you know?

I have dyed it pink before, but I'm not sure if it was quite neon. I would like it to be sometime though. Good idea! I might just use that for the next time I dye it! xD

You're welcome! :iconhugplz: You're welcome for the other things as well! I was trying to reign myself in and not annoy you, but I kept commenting.. lol
Question, what anime/manga do you like? Just wondering. :3
Yay! As for having a specific dude to draw, hmmm... you could draw Link! :3 he's super cuteness of a character! lol

and omg if you dye it neon pink, you must let me know! haha

Hehe, I appreciate all comments! It wouldnt annoy me haha
And lets see, I don't really read manga. And to be honest I don't even watch a ton of anime, but my all time favs are Cowboy bebop, Samurai Champloo, Fruits basket... uhhh Mushi shi is good too. I also like Afro Samurai haha, the art style is so cool. When I do end up watching other anime its because of my dad haha he always finds some anime to download and watch XD
what about you? :D
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